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The UCC has devoted its time and resources to these important activities:

  • Supported the establishment of three historic districts in Uptown -- Sheridan Park, Buena Park, and Uptown Square -- which have been a catalyst for the renaissance of the residential and commercial community.

  • In 2000, organized public testimony for the Wilson Yard and Lawrence-Broadway Entertainment Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts affecting Uptown, with the aim of establishing a stronger retail environment and more job opportunities.

  • Supported two successful 'vote dry' initiatives that banned the sale of alcoholic beverages from within specified boundaries (along Wilson and Sheridan intersection).

  • Pressured CTA to eliminate sales of alcohol to tenants in Wilson L Station.

  • Highlighted need for area residents to serve as court advocates in judicial proceedings against repeat offenders.

  • Strong advocate for enforcement of "One Strike" policy in public housing to help reduce drug use/trade and provide a safe living environment for tenants.

  • Organized community response to a request for a zoning variance by a homeless shelter with a history of code violations that jeopardized safety of residents and surrounding community.

  • Worked with management of 920 Lakeside, a high-rise building, to improve security and tenant screening, resulting in improved area public safety.

  • In 2004, with full cooperation of local aldermen and liquor commissioner, secured voluntary consent of 28 area liquor stores to stop or restrict the sale of an extensive list of packaged liquor associated with public drinking.

  • In 2003, facilitated voluntary consent among seven (7) area liquor stores to restrict sale of certain types of packaged liquor associated with public drinking.

  • In 2003, instituted the "Good Neighbor" policy to recognize residents and businesses within the community that meet or exceed UCC's "Good Neighbor" policy guidelines (link to Good Neighbor policy).

On an on-going basis, the UCC devotes its time and resources to these important activities:

  • Represents residents at monthly Leadership Communication Council meetings with Uptown Chamber of Commerce, Uptown Development Corporation, Organization of the NorthEast, and area aldermen.

  • Advocates at all levels of government, focusing on issues of community concern to ensure that the voice of our membership is incorporated into public policy decisions affecting Uptown.

  • Hosts a semi-annual Block Club Forum to foster greater communication among neighbors.

  • Sponsors cultural and recreational events for the benefit of area residents and businesses.

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