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September 2006
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  • Public Safety
    Drug Sting
    OPERATION "SaHEROIN An international drug ring operating in Uptown was broken with the help of the 23rd District Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Federal agents, Sheriff's Deputies, State's Attorney's investigators and the Chicago Police Department siezed at least 1 1/4 pounds of pure heroin on a Wednesday, September 29th raid at 850 W. Eastwood, in the heart of Uptown.
    This organization is believed to have imported heroin from Afghanistan and India, through Ghana and Nigeria, and on to Chicago where the drugs were distributed throughout the Midwest.
    Nine suspects were arrested who are believed to be key figures in the West Africa-based wholesale drug distribution ring. All were charged with federal drug conspiracy and face mandatory sentences of 10 to 20 years to life.
    Among those arrested were Asa Binyomin of the 900 block of W. Sunnyside, Steve Strickland of the 4400 block of N. Clarendon, Andre Lewis of the 4400 block of N. Clark and James Endribe who lived at 850 W. Eastwood.
    850 W. Eastwood provides housing for families, a Head-Start program for children and is directly across the street from Uplift School.
    Public Safety and Problem Buildings
    Any complaints that you have related to potential problem buildings in the 48th Ward, can be handled through Alderman Smith's office. If you suspect routine narcotic and gang activity, buildng code violations, or any other condition that may have a negative impact on the safety and quality of life in the community, please call Alex Wyman, Alderman Smith's public safety liaison at 773.293.8413.
    Safe and Sound Forum
    In response to the recent sexual assault, Alderman Tom Tunney (44th Ward) invites you to attend a safety seminar sponsored by CAPS and the 23rd District. Valuable safety tips and defense mechanisms will be discussed and demonstrated. The seminar will be held Wednesday, Nov 8th, 7:00 P.M. - 8:30 P.M. at Nettlehorst School, located at 3252 N. Broadway.
    Court Advocacy Committee Meeting
    Please join CAPS and your neighbors for the monthly meeting of the 23rd District Court Advocacy Committee. The next meeting is Monday, November 6th, 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. at Town Hall, 3608 N Halsted St.
    COURT ADVOCACY DATES: Community residents are requested to attend court cases as Court Advocates. Requests have been made to attend the following cases:

    Benjamin Johnson has been charged with the sexual assault on the 4100 block of N. Sheridan Rd. as well as 600 block of W. Addison. The next court hearing on this case is Thursday, Nov 30th at 26th and California, 9:30 A.M. in Room 308. Please call the 23rd District Community Policing Office at 312- 744-0064 for more information.

    Newz in the 'Hood
    Clarendon lot
    Lakeside-Clarendon TIF
    A public meeting was held on the Lakeside-Clarendon TIF on October 16th. Revised plans were presented. This included a 17-story building consisting of 165 units which would be located at the east end of the primary lot on the corner of Leland and Clarendon.
    Also included on other lots in the Planned Development would be an 8-unit, 4-story building on the south side of Leland just east of the Weiss Hospital parking structure; seven of these units would be 3-bedrooms, one unit would be a 2- bedroom.
    Townhomes would be constructed on the empty lot on the north end of Leland adjacent to the Uplift (Arai) campus park.
    None of these projects are asking for any TIF funds. Alderman Shiller stated that 15% of the units created in this deveopment would be affordable. The alderman is planning on making the empty building located on the southwest corner of Lakeside and Clarendon into housing for low-income seniors. She hopes to develop it as assisted living for seniors that would otherwise have to enter a nursing home.
    The next meeting is scheduled for Monday November 13th, 7pm, in the auditorium of Weiss Hospital, 4646 North Marine Drive. Their goal is to take the Planned Development to the Planning Commission in the near future.
    Admiral on Foster
    Plans to replace the current senior housing project at Foster and Marine Drive with a new and improved version, finally met with community approval, after a lengthy and (word for much conflict) year- long process, at the 48th Ward's zoning meeting in October. Although efforts were made to preserve the existing structure, it in the end proved unfeasible. Once all current residents are placed in other temporary housing, demolition will begin. The entire process is estimated to take several years.

    Upcoming Events:
    Aids Ribbon
    You are cordially invited to the 2nd Annual Red Ribbon Autumn Harvest AIDS season of Thanksgiving to benefit New Vision of Hope Foundation
    November 18 6:30-10:00pm
    The Mansion on Malden
    Judge Clark's House, 4602 North Malden
    Tickets: $75.00 - Black Tie (optional)
    Refreshments, Entertaiment, Drawings, Silent Auction.
    For more information, call 773.97.3480
    Property Tax SeminarsAlderman Shiller and the Cook County Board of Review will be holding two seminars for residents that need information about or help with property tax appeals. November 27th is the final day to file an appeal.
      • Wednesday, November 8, 2006 - 6:30 pm at Temple Shalom, 3480 N. Lake Shore Drive
      • Thursday, November 9, 2006, 7:00 pm at Truman College, 1145 W. Wilsom, Room #1907
      LiNK (Liberty in North Korea)
      is opening a Chicago chapter this month.
      LiNK is a two-year old grass roots organization formed by college students who wanted to take action against the human rights violations happening in North KoreaThe LiNK Chicago chapter will make its official lauch with a panel discussion and film screening, to be held on Thursday, November 16th at Schubas, located on the corner of Belmont and Soutport.
      For more information, see www.linkglobal.org.
      Business Assistance from Hull House
      The Hull House Small Business Development Center will present several FREE workshops during November.
        • Business Basics, Nov. 8, 6:30-8:30pm
        • Small Business Loan Options, Nov. 15, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
        • How to start or Expand a DayCare Business, Nov. 11, 10:00am-12:30 pm

        • For more information call Curt Roeschley, 773.561.3500, ext. 215, or visit www.hullhouse.org/sbdu.asp
          UPTOWN CAPS MEETINGS: 20th and 23rd Districts
          • Beat 2311: Nov 7, Dec 5 2006: 7pm-8pm: Truman College, 1145 W. Wilson Ave
          • Beat 2312: Nov 21, Dec 19, 2006: 7pm-8pm: 4715 N. Sheridan Rd.
          • Beat 2313: Nov 8, Dec 13, 2006: 7pm-8pm: Clarendon Park Fieldhouse
          • Beat 2322: Dec 7, 2006: 7pm-8pm: Buena Park Library
          • Beat 2323/2324: Nov 15, 2006: 7pm- 8pm: Faith Tabernacle, 3750 N. Halsted St.
          • Beat 2024: Dec 21, 2006: 7pm-8pm: Margate Park Fieldhouse
          • Beat 2033: Dec 5, 2006: 7pm-8pm: Charlie Chaplin Auditorium, 1345 W. Argyle St
            YOUR EVENTS: Send information about neighborhood news, activities and upcoming events to: uptownchicago@sbcglobal.net.

        Letter from the President
        kathy&gary at nicks2
        This is my first letter as UCC's new President. And I want to say that I'm honored to be awarded this position. I have big shoes to fill, but I'll try to do James and the rest of the group proud.
        James mentioned Block Clubs in last months letter, and I want to reiterate how important we feel block clubs are to the community. They are a place to gather together to fight small battles, and to celebrate local events. With so many new people moving into the various neighborhoods around Uptown, they become even more important. They're a way to meet your neighbors, find common interests, learn new ideas.
        This picture is from the joint "Fall Mixer" that Magnolia-Malden and Graceland Wilson Block clubs hosted at Nick's,(1140 W. Wilson) a new business highlighted last month. They had sign up sheets for different interests from Dinner Clubs to Yoga Clubs to Public Safety. It was a huge success for both the Block Clubs and Nick's, and serves as an example of how local business and residents can help each other and be "good neighbors" to each other.
        If you haven't gotten involved in your local block club, I'm urging you to do so. It all starts with you and your neighbors!
        ----- Kathy Cook
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