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February 2007

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  • Letter from the President
  • Public Safety
  • Newz in the 'Hood
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Buena Park Neighbors Continue Giving Tradition

  • Public Safety

    Uptown Erupts in Gang Violence

    November 24, 2006
    Neighbors in the Wilson-Broadway neighborhood were alarmed to hear gunfire on a busy Friday afternoon. Police report that three individuals were fighting in front of the TCF Bank at 1050 W. Wilson at 4:30 P.M. when two gunshots were fired. A victim was struck in the shoulder and survived.
    Jeremy Stephens of the 4500 block of Clarendon was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a handgun.

    December 7, 2006
    Homicide at 11:45 pm in the 900 block of West Leland. Police report that the victim, an 18 year old male, was shot multiple times in the chest, after leaving a party at 920 W. Leland. Paul Crume, of the 4500 block of Clarendon, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Crume has also been identified as a member of the Vice Lords gang.
    The 23rd Police District scheduled an outdoor roll call on Leland a few days after this homicide, attended by over 25 concerned neighbors.
    These roll calls send an important message to the community. Please participate if you are able.

    December 15, 2006
    Gunfire erupts at Lawrence and Sheridan. Neighbors report the sound of gunfire coming from the vicinity of the JJ Peppers parking lot at Lawrence and Sheridan at 10:30 P.M. Police responded and arrested a suspect. The suspect has been charged with a Weapons Violation. While grateful that no one was injured, neighbors in the vicinity were once again concerned to hear the sound of gunfire.

    December 29, 2006
    Police roll call at Cafe Too! located at 4715 N. Sheridan. In response to increased gang and narcotics activity at their new location, Inspiration Cafe organized an outdoor police roll call in front of their restaurant. Over twenty neighbors came out on a cold night to demonstrate their support for Cafe Too! and their efforts to rid their building of narcotics trafficking.

    Don't Kill a Dream, Save a Life Uptown Baptist Church, 1011 W. Wilson, was once again, the CAPS designated collection site in Uptown where guns could be turned in anonymously, on Saturday, December 16. A prepaid debit card was given in exchange for each gun.

    A record 119 weapons were turned in that day, exceeding the amount gathered last April. An assault weapon, similar to an AK47, were among those turned in.

    COURT ADVOCACY DATES: Community residents are requested to attend court cases as Court Advocates. Requests have been made to attend the following cases:
    Benjamin Johnson March 12, 2007, Court Rm 308 at the Court House at 26th and California. Johnson has been charged with Criminal Sexual Assault for an attack that occurred on the 4100 block of N. Sheridan several months ago. He has also been linked to an attack on the 600 block of W. Addison.
    Please call the 23rd District Community Policing Office at 312- 744-0064 for more information.

    Newz in the 'Hood

    THE DOVER STREET LANDMARK designation process is going forward. On January 4th it was approved when it went before the Commission on Chicago Landmarks. It was introduced at the November meeting, but Alderman Shiller requested a delay until January 4, to resolve two upzoning requests.

    This landmark designation will be for the 4500, 4600, and 4700 blocks of North Dover Street, and the four houses at 4740-4754 North Beacon Street. A historic 70% of the owners on these blocks signed petitions to have the area designated a Chicago Landmark District.

    This area is already part of the Sheridan Park National Register District, but that designation does not protect from teardowns or other adverse changes. In a Chicago Landmark District, alterations to the exterior of a building that require a building permit are subject to review and approval by the Landmarks Commission.

    The next step will have the proposal go before the Department of Planning for approval. Afterwards there should be a public hearing. The proposal would then to to the City Council for the final vote.


    Rumor has it that a new bar called "UP", a martini bar is going to go into the space across from Borders in the 4700 block of Broadway, in the building currently undergoing rehab. Projected opening is late spring.

    Upcoming Events:

    ALDERMANIC and CITY ELECTIONS - February 27, 2007
    Early Voting available Feb 5 - Feb 22
    46th Ward site: Truman College, 1134 W. Wilson Ave.
    47th Ward site: Welles Park, 2333 W. Sunnyside Ave.
    48th Ward site: Edgewater Library, 1210 W. Elmdale Ave
    Times: Monday-Friday (9-5); Sat/Sun (9-noon)

    UPTOWN CAPS MEETINGS: 20th and 23rd Districts

    • Beat 2311: March 6, 2007: 7pm-8pm: Truman College, 1145 W. Wilson Ave
    • Beat 2312: February 20, 2007: 7pm-8pm: 4715 N. Sheridan Rd.
    • Beat 2313: March 14, 2007: 7pm-8pm: Clarendon Park Fieldhouse
    • Beat 2322: March 1, 2007: 7pm-8pm: Buena Park Library
    • Beat 2323/2324: March 21, 2007: 7pm- 8pm: Faith Tabernacle, 3750 N. Halsted St.
    • Beat 2024: April 19, 2007: 7pm-8pm: Margate Park Fieldhouse
    • Beat 2033: April 3, 2007: 7pm-8pm: Charlie Chaplin Auditorium, 1345 W. Argyle St

      YOUR EVENTS: Send information about neighborhood news, activities and upcoming events to: uptownchicago@sbcglobal.net.

    Buena Park Neighbors Continue Giving Tradition
    Buena Park holiday

    Celebrating the true spirit of the season, Buena Park Neighbors continued their tradition of being Good Neighbors, and adopted 2 Buena Park families. They had a holiday event and membership drive at The Holiday Club, (4000 N. Sheridan) on December 14th. Attendees were asked to either bring an unwrapped item from a list or to donate cash. Through the generosity of BP Neighbors, over $1,000 was collected. Each child received clothing and one item from their “wish list”. Both moms and dad received clothing as well as many items on their wish lists. Two of the little girls had had their coats stolen from a Laundromat, so they received replacement winter coats, hats, mittens as well as Dora the Explorer night gowns, tooth brushes and dolls. The smaller family was given $250 in gift cards from grocery and department stores, and their electric bill paid. The larger family received $275 in gift cards

    Here I am with BP's president, Ken Pearl amongst some of the goodies collected. Thanks to Ken, Katie, and Marsha for putting together this wonderful event, and showing us all the true spirit of the holidays.

    Letter from the President

    Once again, the Uptown Chicago Commission partnered with the League of Women Voters to host the 46th Ward Aldermanic debate on January 31st at the Walt Disney Magnet School.

    Although we are a non-partisan non-profit organization, we are very proud of our past president, James Cappleman, and his election bid for 46th Ward Alderman. We wish him well.

    We were deeply disappointed in our dealings with the Organization of the NorthEast, or ONE, our co- sponsor of the debate. They clearly wanted the event, and the questions they posed, to focus solely on their issues. The debate was intended to be a broader look at issues affecting the entire 46th Ward.

    We are even more disappointed in the conduct of Alderman Shiller's campaign office, which has blatantly disregarded the League of Women Voters' rules about using any photographs or videos of the event as campaign material. As of this writing, five different clips from the debate remain on her website. A strongly worded press release from the League condemning Shiller's actions has gone ignored.

    I remain proud of how UCC has conducted itself throughout this process, especially given the antics of ONE and Shiller's office. I can't help but wonder what would drive an elected official to so flagrantly ignore the ground rules of a non-partisan organization. Alderman Shiller boasts her tenure on the city council's rules and ethics committees. This deeply troubles me, and I hope it troubles you.

    - Kathy Cook, UCC President


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