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June 2008

Welcome to Uptown Chicago Commission's bi- monthly newsletter. Comments, feedback and suggestions for articles are welcome. Please email us at uptownchicago@sbcglobal.net.

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  • Public Safety

    Midnight Bike in Buena Park and Uptown, Friday, June 13 Join your neighbors and fellow bike enthusiasts for a midnight bike ride through the neighborhood, starting at midnight on Friday, June 13. The event, sponsored by CAPS and the 23rd District Police Department , will begin and end at the Bar on Buena, 910 W. Buena Ave. The event is free, but cyclists are required to wear helmets and have lights and reflectors. It's a great chance to bike the neighborhood without the hassles of traffic, meet neighbors, and show our community's strength.

    Wilson Men's Club Hearing --Thanks to 15 community members who served as court advocates at the May 29 hearing in Cook County Circuit Court about numerous code violations at the Wilson Men's Hotel, 1124 W. Wilson.

    Club owner Jay Bomberg appeared in court to address the 44 code violations. He acquired the hotel. which has been the site of ongong criminal activity, in 2007.

    August 14 is the next court date to address Bomberg's progress on resolving the code violations, although they do not have to be resolved by that date. UCC is encouraged by the recent attention to this long- standing problem and will continue to monitor the progress that the owner has said he is committed to making to the property.

    For further information on court advocacy cases, please contact the 23rd District Community Policing Office at 312-744-0064 or 20th District at 312-742-8770.

    Upcoming CAPS meetings (times are all 7PM to 8PM)

    Beat 2311-- First Tuesday of every month, Truman College, Room 1905: 1145 W. Wilson.

    Beat 2312--Third Tuesday of every month, 4645 N. Sheridan: Community Room

    Beat 2313-- Second Wednesday of each month, Clarendon Park Fieldhouse

    Beat 2024 -- Third Thursday, even months, Margate Park: 4921 N. Marine Dr.

    Beat 2033 - First Tuesday, even months, 1345 W. Argyle

    Upcoming Events

    Chase Park Festival Make plans now to attend a family-friendly festival on August 16 and 17 at Chase Park, located between Lawrence and Leland Aves.

    The festival, called "The Raven," will feature two stages of live music, a marketplace, new and traditional food offerings and an extensive children's area. Donation to the festival is $5; proceeds will be used to help build a new playground at the 75-year-old playground.

    SEND US YOUR EVENTS: Send information about neighborhood news, activities and upcoming events to: uptownchicago@sbcglobal.net.

    Letter from the President

    After an endless winter and non-existent spring, summer has finally arrived! Because the season of sunny days and warm temps is always too short , I want to thank everyone who has already taken part in activities over the past month to improve our neighborhood.

    Whether you've taken part in the June 7 rally against recent gun violence, contributed to efforts to stop a day-labor operation from setting up on Sheridan Road, or met your neighbors at a local block club gathering, thanks for getting involved. Working for positive change in our neighborhood is a team effort, and the more teams we have, the better!

    Later this summer, I hope to see all of you -- and some new faces -- when Crew opens its new English- style pub, The Wilde Pug, just north of its Broadway location. Stay tuned for an invitation! Until then, enjoy that summer we've all been waiting for.

    - Kathy Cook
    UCC President

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