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August 2008

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  • Upcoming Events

  • Public Safety
    Wilson Men's Hotel

    Wilson Men's Club Update --A follow-up hearing on the 44 building code violations at the Wilson Men's Club took place on Aug. 14. City Attorney Judy Devers told the court that compliance was "in progress." Devers also told the court that hotel owner Jay Bomberg, who purchased the property in September 2007, was planning to meet with the city and 23rd District police to discuss drug and gang house issues. Uptown residents have complained that the hotel, located at 1124 W. Wilson, has long been a site of criminal activity.

    Three court advocates attended the Aug. 14 hearing; 15 attended a May 29 hearing. Bomberg told the News Star that many of the repairs to the hotel were under way before the housing court hearing in May.

    A Dec. 11 court date was requested by Devers to finalize the case against the hotel, which Bomberg described as satisfactory to correct code violations. 333 Thanks to 15 community members who served as court advocates at the May 29 hearing in Cook County Circuit Court about numerous code violations at the Wilson Men's Hotel, 1124 W. Wilson.

    Club owner Jay Bomberg appeared in court to address the 44 code violations. He acquired the hotel. which has been the site of ongoing criminal activity, in 2007.

    August 14 is the next court date to address Bomberg's progress on resolving the code violations, although they do not have to be resolved by that date. UCC is encouraged by the recent attention to this long- standing problem and will continue to monitor the progress that the owner has said he is committed to making to the property.

    For further information on court advocacy cases, please contact the 23rd District Community Policing Office at 312-744-0064 or 20th District at 312-742-8770.

    Upcoming CAPS meetings (times are all 7PM to 8PM)

    Beat 2311-- First Tuesday of every month, Truman College, Room 1905: 1145 W. Wilson.

    Beat 2312--Third Tuesday of every month, 4645 N. Sheridan: Community Room

    Beat 2313-- Second Wednesday of each month, Clarendon Park Fieldhouse

    Beat 2024 -- Third Thursday, even months, Margate Park: 4921 N. Marine Dr.

    Beat 2033 - First Tuesday, even months, 1345 W. Argyle

    Upcoming Events
    Alma Pita

    Experience Uptown: The Wilson Area Merchants Association is sponsoring its second annual "Experience Uptown" event on Sept. 12-14. Purchase a $10 wristband and get great discounts from area businesses such as Unique So Chique, Alma Pita, Crew, Marigold, and The Spot. To purchase a wristband, go to: www.wilsonareamerchants.org, or visit Unique So Chique, Marigold, The Spot, or Tiztal. This is a great way to support local businesses that are making a positive difference in our neighborhood.

    Magnolia-Malden Block Party - Will be held on Saturday, Sept. 13 from noon to 5PM, 4600 block of North Magnolia. A $5 suggested donation (children 5 and under free) gets you food, beverages, music, games for adults and kids, great raffle prizes. Free ticket with "Experience Uptown" wristband.

    Upcoming Events

    School Supply Drop-Off:
    Truman Square Neighbors, an active local block club, is holding a drive to support the purchase of school supplies for students of Graeme Stewart Elementary School. Donations can be dropped off through Friday, August 29, at Chase Bank, 1101 W. Lawrence. Your donation makes a difference to children who would otherwise start their school year without the resources they need.

    Chase Park Festival Thanks to all the folks who volunteered and attended the first annual "Raven" festival at Chase Park on Aug. 16 and 17. Proceeds from the festival will go to help build a new playground to replace the 75-year-old facility.

    SEND US YOUR EVENTS: Send information about neighborhood news, activities and upcoming events to: uptownchicago@sbcglobal.net.

    Letter from the President

    Uptown in the News

    While I wish the coverage was more positive, it's good to see that our neighborhood concerns are making news. On Aug. 21, the Chicago Tribune (which typically ignores city neighborhood news) ran a lengthy article on reactions to the spate of violence Uptown has witnessed this summer.

    And my all- time favorite local newspaper, the News-Star, provides ongoing, aggressive coverage of plans to locate a Labor Ready office on Broadway, efforts to change the make-up of Wilson Yard, and the long- delayed clean-up of the Wilson Men's Hotel. Thank you, Lorraine Swanson!

    I'm gratified to see the issues that UCC and local block clubs have worked on for years, notably public safety and economic development, reach a broader audience.

    If public awareness is a prerequisite of positive change, we are on our way to a brighter future.

    Finally, I'd like to use this occasion to welcome James Cappleman as the incoming president of UCC. As many of you know, James is a long-time force in UCC. The organization is happy to have him back at the helm; watch this space for letters from James in the months to come.

    - Kathy Cook
    UCC President

    Uptown block clubs
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