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Working to Improve Uptown since 1955

This website was created for the residents, organizations and business owners in Uptown. We hope you find it a valuable source for current news and events and useful as a resource tool.

Please send e-mail or fill in this form to give us your comments and suggestions. We also welcome information about any news or events you would like to share with the community.

public safety

Promoting public safety, house by house, block by block

Printable Public Safety Poster

Some of our UCC members have organized residents to come together to promote safe walkable streets. In 2009, Ed Kuske organized different groups of residents to do neighborhood watches. In response to some highly publicized street violence at their corner, James Cappleman and Richard Thale organized their neighbors to do 14 straight weeks of positive loitering last fall, leading to a story on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

To encourage others to take positive action, UCC borrowed an idea from Ald. Mary Ann Smith and developed public safety signs for Uptown residents. The signs can be downloaded and printed on your own printer on an 8 X 11 sheet of paper. Please consider downloading a sign and placing it in your front window to let your neighbors know that you're all looking out for one another.

Useful Information

Emergencies, Crime, Problems, Questions
whom to call, what to do?

Public Safety Hints     Key Contact Information

UCC has the answers! In response to countless questions from residents, UCC has put together two PDF documents. Print them out and have them handy.

Thanking our Police

As good neighbors, we also want to show our appreciation to our police for the job they do. The 23rd District Steering Committee held its 11th Annual Police Appreciation Day on May 21, 2010. You may send donations to:

Barbara Madro
Police Appreciation Day
4318 N. Sheridan Road, 3A
Chicago, IL 60613

Questions, call 773-525-8195 or email pad.023@hotmail.com.

(Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy)

The CAPS program, which began in Chicago in 1993, is a partnership between the police and the community. It brings the police, the community, and other City agencies together to identify and solve neighborhood crime problems, rather than simply react to their symptoms after the fact. Together we work to identify and solve neighborhood crime problems, block by block, and to improve the quality of life in Chicago's neighborhoods.

Open this map to find out which beat you're in and where your monthly beat meetings are held.

The banner for this web site was created from images provided by EUGENEFELIX Photography.

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