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Excerpts from Lawrence Broadway Redevelopment Plan

The plan was dated February 26, 2001 and revised May 29, 2001

Summary of Project Area Eligibility

Based upon surveys, inspections and analyses of the Project Area, the Project Area qualifies as a "conservation area" within the requirements of the Act. 50% or more of the buildings in the Project Area have an age of 35 years or more, and the Project Area is characterized by the presence of a combination of three or more of the conservation factors listed in the Act, rendering the Project Area detrimental to the public safety, health and welfare of citizens of the City. The Project Area is not yet a blighted area, but it may become a blighted area. Specifically, the Eligibility Study finds that:

  • 107 buildings, which represent 88.4% of the buildings in the Project Area, are 35 years of age or older.
  • Of the 13 factors set forth in the Act for conservation areas, 9 factors are found to be present.
  • Of the 9 factors present, all are present to a major extent and reasonably distributed throughout the Project Area. These factors include: obsolescence; deterioration; structures below minimum code standards; excessive vacancies; excessive land coverage and overcrowding of structures and community facilities; inadequate utilities; deleterious land use or layout; lack of community planning; and declining or lagging rate of growth of total equalized assessed valuation.
  • The Project Area includes only real property and improvements thereon substantially benefited by the proposed redevelopment project improvements.

Redevelopment Plan Goals and Objectives

General Goals

Listed below are the general goals adopted by the City for redevelopment of the Project Area. These goals provide overall focus and direction for this Redevelopment Plan.

  1. An environment which will contribute more positively to the health, safety and general welfare for residents in the Project Area and the surrounding community, and which will support a diverse and affordable community.
  2. The enhancement of Uptown and Edgewater as multi-cultural, economically diverse, affordable, and mixed-use communities that are fostered by the creation and preservation of affordable, low cost, and mixed income housing, business, community and performing arts, entertainment uses and commercial opportunities.
  3. The elimination of the influences and manifestations of physical and economic deterioration and obsolescence within the Project Area.
  4. The establishment of the Project Area as a dynamic commercial, retail, and residential destination location for living, shopping, entertainment, community and performing arts, and employment.
  5. The retention and enhancement of economically sound and viable existing businesses within the Project Area.
  6. The preservation of the historic and architecturally significant character of the Project Area.
  7. An improved quality of life in the Project Area and the surrounding community.
  8. A mix of housing styles, rental costs and sale prices, and densities that meets the diverse needs of the Uptown and Edgewater communities for rental and ownership opportunities for very low, low and moderate income residents.
  9. The attraction of complementary new commercial and business development to supplement existing businesses and create new job opportunities within the Project Area.
  10. An environment which will preserve or enhance the value of properties within and adjacent to the Project Area, improving the real estate and sales tax base for the City and other taxing districts having jurisdiction over the Project Area.
  11. The attraction of employers to the Project Area that provide living wage salaries and employment of residents within and surrounding the Project Area in jobs in the Project Area and in adjacent redevelopment project areas.

Redevelopment Objectives

Listed below are the redevelopment objectives which will guide planning decisions regarding redevelopment within the Project Area.

  1. Reduce or eliminate those conditions that qualify the Project Area as a conservation area while maintaining the economic and cultural diversity of the area.
  2. Strengthen the economic well being of the Project Area by returning vacant and underutilized properties to the tax rolls.
  3. Create an environment that stimulates private investment in the upgrading and expansion of existing businesses and the construction of complementary new businesses and commercial enterprises that serve the needs of a culturally and economically diverse and affordable community.
  4. Provide needed incentives to encourage a broad range of improvements in business retention, rehabilitation and new development utilizing available tools, particularly those designed to assist small businesses.
  5. Support the preservation and rehabilitation of existing multi-family and low-, very-low and moderate income housing throughout the Project Area.
  6. Support the development of new housing, including rental and for-sale units for low- and very low-income households.
  7. Encourage the rehabilitation and re-use of historic and/or architecturally significant buildings. Encourage state-of-the-art energy efficiency practices in all buildings.
  8. Promote a concentration of entertainment, cultural and performing arts, and related uses in the proximity of the Lawrence and Broadway intersection to build on the area's history, status as a National Register historic district, and promote the area as a center for existing multi-cultural and performance arts.
  9. Promote cooperative arrangements between businesses which would permit existing parking lots to be used by neighboring businesses during off-peak periods. There shall be no elimination of housing for the sole purpose of creating parking.
  10. Assemble or encourage the assembly of land into parcels of appropriate shape and sufficient size for redevelopment.
  11. Encourage visually attractive buildings, rights-of-way and open spaces and encourage high standards of design. Preserve existing open space and seek additional land for open space opportunities wherever possible.
  12. Upgrade public utilities, infrastructure and streets, including streetscape and beautification projects, improvements to parks, schools and mass transit stations, including improving accessibility for people with disabilities.
  13. Establish job readiness and job training programs to provide residents within and surrounding the Project Area with the skills necessary to secure living wage jobs in the Project Area and in adjacent redevelopment project areas.
  14. Create new job opportunities for City residents utilizing the most current hiring programs and appropriate job training programs.
  15. Provide opportunities for women-owned, minority-owned and local businesses and local residents to share in the redevelopment of the Project Area, including employment and construction opportunities.
  16. Encourage improvements in accessibility for people with disabilities.

Estimated Redevelopment Project Costs

$2,000,000 Analysis, administration, studies, surveys, legal, marketing, etc.
$7,000,000 Property assembly including acquisition, site prep and demolition, environmental remediation
$10,000,000 Rehabilitation of existing buildings, fixtures and leasehold improvements, affordable housing construction and rehabilitation costs
$7,500,000 Public works & improvements, including streets and utilities, parks and open space, public facilities (schools & other public facilities)
$1,000,000 Relocation costs
$2,500,000 Job training, retraining, welfare-to-work
$2,000,000 Day care services
$3,000,000 Interest subsidy
$35,000,000 Total Redevelopment Costs

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